null Man invents through the perceiving one’s own reality by accepting as real what appears real.


Vision of Contact Create

Our audio message

New awareness

to all of humanity

in relation to ourselves, our fellow human beings, the animal, plant and crystal world, but also the consciousness of our earth.

Our task

Contact Create supports and accompanies authors or artists in the content-related topics of time-critical and humanities publications or presentations in the form of marketing / design, sales support and advice up to the creation and publication of the respective works. 

Contact Create conveys missing knowledge in the form of clarification ( books by relevant authors such as Alessandro de Poloni ) or via events such as seminars and lectures .

Our goal

Contact Create would like to provide a platform for people with the same intention, with which they have the opportunity to bundle new knowledge that is adapted to today’s zeitgeist and make it understandable for everyone using various media convey. We would like to contribute so that a new definition of our human convictions can take place and a new consciousness develops.

null Reality only exists when we observe it.


We strive for intensive contact with

Event Houses
Schools / Universities
Radio Stations