zero When you become aware that everyone lives in their own universe that only they know, then the term acceptance takes on a completely new meaning for you. Until then, however, you have to rub yourself in the outside until you recognize the pointlessness in it.


The book author and coach sees educational work as one of his main tasks and adds puzzle piece after puzzle piece to the whole. In his other planned lectures, Alessandro de Poloni including the exciting and complex topic of Optogenetik with the aim:

Furthermore, he gives interactive and not entirely humorless answers to the following questions and statements from (intellectual) scientific, psychological and personal experience:


Where is our consciousness located?

The blueprint we use to orient ourselves

Everybody lives in his own universe

August 2023

Everybody lives in his own universe

Everybody lives in his own universe

September 2023

Everybody lives in his own universe


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January - December 2023

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