The blueprint that we use as a guide

The consciousness outside the human body can be imagined as a blueprint in which all information such as actions, events (up to the origin of “all being”) and emotions are stored in their original form.


The human brain, on the other hand, is a holographic reproduction of this blueprint. As with a holographic image, a so-called object wave (emanating from consciousness) and a reference wave (emanating from the brain) operate.
Like a hologram the object wave contains the complete image of the original. Depending on how precisely or consciously the information is conveyed to the consciousness via the reference wave, the image (information) is passed on from the consciousness to the human being via the object wave.


In plain language : The weaker the reflection, the more blurred the information. The stronger the reflection, the sharper (higher) the information becomes.


January - December 2022

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The blueprint that we use as a guide

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