Where is our consciousness located?

In everyday life, the so-called “subconscious” (recently also referred to as “unconscious activities”) dominates for the most part (about 70%) the decisions we make every day. What we call a “conscious decision” actually takes place in the form of a process that we don’t even notice, which always starts when a corresponding trigger appeals to us emotionally. We owe this knowledge to our science, which can prove that the human brain is capable of absorbing and processing unimaginably large amounts of information, but does not store it, as was previously assumed, but instead transmits it to the consciousness “outside” our body forwarded uninterruptedly.

Since we have never come close to developing such high speed (faster than light) in the form of data transmission, it is difficult for us to understand how the brain processes all this emotional information (tactile, visual, auditory, sensory) receive, process and forward. So fast that we never notice.
In fact, it is only the extremely high speed, but also the enormous amount of information that prevents us from noticing this process. The fatal thing is that, due to this ignorance, we behave like shipwrecked people swimming aimlessly on the high seas for most of our lives, since we basically don’t know why we behave, feel, think or react in this way.

However, since we humans are constantly in exchange with the consciousness anyway, it is possible that we can also find out what information we get from this consciousness in the form of “self-observation”, i.e. through targeted thoughts and targeted action. This in turn enables us to act knowingly (consciously), which ultimately leads to self-awareness.

January - December 2023

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Where is our consciousness located?

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