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Jan 05, 2021
  • imagesBy Alessandro de Poloni


Are we citizens really as divided in our convictions as it is currently propagated? Are those who support our politicians’ approach to the pandemic more intelligent than those who have doubts about what is happening? Or are the doubters in particular more far-sighted with their admonitions than the others?

Each side claims to be on the right track and it seems that these opposing beliefs will never be able to agree on a common denominator. But it is precisely this path of thought that only leads to the gap that has already arisen within the population. Because it is the absolute conviction of both sides that makes a bridge to one another seem almost impossible.

If, however, the emotional background on which the respective belief is built is examined more closely, then a uniform emotional pattern becomes clearly recognizable:

  • Proper community involvement
  • Cohesion (collective thinking and acting)
  • Future orientation

Both sides claim to have built their convictions precisely from these emotional impulses. The actual engine, however, is also the same on both sides, namely: THE FEAR.

Proponents of the corona pandemic fear infection or dying from the virus. While those who see no great danger in the virus are afraid of a future dictatorship that controls and manipulates us via chips. The interesting thing is that neither side can definitely prove that they are right. Both sides are only confirmed in their conviction by corresponding source information. The advocates through the general media and the doubters through the Internet.

This constellation comes about because both sides lack the necessary information about SARS-CoV-2. And this is exactly where the sought-after connection emerges, which could bring both groups together, because extensive clarification on the part of the government would be more than helpful for everyone involved. Given the many similarities, doesn’t it suggest that both sides could jointly call for a comprehensive investigation?

The explicit requests would therefore be:

  • The empirical evidence of the benefit of the diagnostic or therapeutic action (evidence)
  • Statistical evidence based on previous years regarding excess mortality
  • curve of a SARS-CoV-2 disease
  • Origin and nature of the virus

I am sure that this way the gap that has developed within our society could be closed.