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Aug 31, 2021
  • imagesBy Cosima Kast

New release “Attention the countdown is already running III” postponed indefinitely

Many enthusiastic readers may already have noticed that the publication date of the last volume of the trilogy has been delayed again and again and we would like to apologize for this. Nevertheless, thank you very much for your understanding during this time and also for the many pre-orders that have already been received!

Still please a little bit of patience and then the popular trilogy is also available in paperback complete and everywhere!


Little info:
Volume 3 has already been available as an e-book on Amazon since March. At the same time, however, tolino media had suddenly refrained from publishing this e-book also at the large, well-known online booksellers, although volume 1 and volume 2 have been uploaded there for some time. Referring to current changes in the terms and conditions, tolino media suddenly censored the e-book because of political content and elements of conspiracy theory. This was the reason given and it was incomprehensible to us.