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de Poloni


Silent cry

Book Description

The author wrote this true story for all those quiet souls who could never talk about what they experienced in their childhood. Who constantly have to deal with the dark grimace in their heart that tells them that they are worthless, that they are to blame for what happened and that never allows them to be free and carefree. Those who still have the smell of their tormentors in their noses and flinch at very specific noises. Who would like to be like everyone else and yet cannot take the last step there. Who have so much to say and yet remain silent out of shame.

With this book the author would like to say to all these forgotten souls that he can only too well feel the loneliness in which they find themselves. But also that they are lovable, unique creatures who have a right to be in this world. This book cannot take the dark grimace because she is a part of those affected, but shows ways to live “normally” with what she has experienced. Hence, the personal message of this book is: Make peace with the abused and abused child within you. Comfort it and give it your love. Do not banish it because it is part of yourself.

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