Everybody lives in his own universe

People invent their personal reality through their own perception by accepting as real what appears real to them. 


This happens because every person exists in his “own universe”. The apparent equality to other peoplearises from the fact that “all” access the “same consciousness” outside of the human body and everyday things like tree, human shape, house etc. accept as real.

So if a person apparently lives in an unhappy relationship, then he or she sounds like an unhappy relationship already lived by “other” people. In fact, one can say that precisely that person, an unhappy relationship already lived by other people, is living again. In many cases this can be repeated several times. Only when a person becomes aware that he can only bring about a change through his own behavior and thinking does he access information in his consciousness that will bring solutions. The same goes for physical discomfort or professional success.

A universe of its own


The sphere becomes the universe

in the middle is the consciousness of the soul (soul part)

in the hologram human sits.


The container (a sphere) also represents the limitation of soul consciousness.


The consciousness of the soul in its limited container (sphere).


First orientation in the sphere


Dividing the sphere in its equator results in an up and down. The consciousness in the center is now fully oriented

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Everybody lives in his own universe

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Everybody lives in his own universe

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