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Jun 07, 2021

Mind control and human separation from the universe

This topic affects us all! What am I talking about? Well Dr. Joseph Kirschvimik discovered tiny crystals (magnetites) in the human brain, more precisely in the pineal gland. This in turn makes them a classic receiver thanks to these magnetite crystals.

If under these circumstances the statement that the regulation of humans (including that of animals) is strongly synchronized with external geophysical influences, i.e. well-being – joy – pleasure – aggression etc. is included, then the precise frequencies of HAARP ideal for manipulating the human brain.

(The production of the hormone melatonin also takes place in the pineal gland. This process triggers molecules in the eye that react to light. When it gets dark, melatonin begins to be released. Melatonin is formed from the happiness hormone serotonin and controls the day and night rhythm. )

What makes the whole thing seem so perfidious is the fact that these tiny crystals in the pineal gland are used for data exchange between the brain and the morphogenetic field are provided (short-term memory for oversized data blocks).

Furthermore, these crystals also store the data of the sun’s rays. This happens via the path through the Van Aalen Belt, which is also connected to the brain or the crystals in the pineal gland. Put simply, the data from the sun’s rays can enter our brains directly. These are then immediately forwarded to the human DNA , where they are also immediately saved.

Conclusion: If this natural process is disturbed, we will be isolated from the divine matrix!!