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Jul 26, 2023

THE WAY TO TRANSHUMANISM? The COVID-19 or chimeric spike protein

First of all, what does chimera mean? In medicine and biology, a chimera is the name given to an organism that is made up of genetically different cells or tissues and yet represents a uniform individual.

Spectacularly, BioNTech’s chimeric spike protein creates a new neural network and artificial brain in humans by redirecting the body’s own neural stem cells. This technology has been developed over the past decade as part of the Human Brain Project. Dr. Carrie Madej revealed in her recent interview on the well-known Stew Peter’s Show (USA) that the COVID-19 vaccine builds an artificial neural network in humans.
More specifically, the spike protein in COVID-19 vaccines is a lentivirus. This lentivirus contains a combination of HIV types 1-3, SRV-1/AIDS, MERS, and SARS. (These are the deadliest gain-of-function bioweapons ever developed).

A Standford study reveals that lentivirus is a genus of retroviruses that cause chronic and fatal diseases in humans or are characterized by long incubation periods. ((Retroviruses are a large family of enveloped viruses with single-stranded RNA genomes. Unlike “normal” RNA viruses, however, the RNA of retroviruses must first be transcribed into a DNA molecule by means of reverse (backward) transcription (transcription into a transport form) before it can be incorporated as such into the genome of the host cell and become active there)).
These retroviruses allow long-term expression (realization of information) of transgenes (genes introduced into the genome of an organism by genetic engineering techniques).
The best known lentivirus is the agent of human immunodeficiency, which causes AIDS. For this reason, autoimmune and neurodegenerative decline can also be observed in vaccinated individuals after COVID-19 vaccination, because this is an induced condition known as a prion. ((Prions are proteins that can exist in both physiological (normal) and pathogenic (harmful) conformations (structures) in animal organisms. They do not proliferate by division but by induced modification of neighboring molecules)).

The mRNA of the chimeric lentivirus cocktail is inserted into the DNA of human cells by an invasive (penetrant) procedure, which alters the genome of the cells.
Once in the host cell cytoplasm, lipid-coated nanoboots use the reverse transcriptase enzyme in the lentivirus to produce DNA from the mRNA genome, in reverse order.

In addition, hydras are also used in this process. (A small cnidarian about 600 million years old, which has been studied scientifically for as long as 300 years. Its properties are not without reason of high interest for biotechnology!)
These hydras are genetically modified in a cross-species genomics in a laboratory at Kiel University to produce transgenic clonal hydra lines. Since 2006, thousands of embryos have been microinjected and nearly 200 transgenic lines have been established in the Hydra Transgenic Facilit.
All of this is to learn human neurobiological functions and to track cells in vivo. That is, during tissue and cell growth.
Then, one uses these genetically modified Hydra polyps as genetically encoded vectors that carry a variety of programmed synthetic genomic sequences and mRNA (messenger RNA) for the purpose of transfection in humans.

Once inside the human body, these transgenic Hydra polyps serve to rewire and control the original human circuitry. That is, new DNA sequences are created, which then take on an alignment function for the purpose of transcription.

Further down the line, proteins regulate gene expression, or rather, these proteins target the cell organelle of nuclei, which store genetic information, mitochondria, which produce chemical energy, and ribosomes, which assemble proteins by using mRNA to produce mitochondrial sequences. This procedure was tested several times in a gain-of-function lab in Germany in 2017.

Next, the genetically modified Hydra lines, in the COVID-19 operating system, are first encoded with chimeric gene sequences (lentivirus) and then introduced into human cells using CRISPR-Cas9 technology and electroporation (via syringe).

Last but not least, electrodes attached to programmable nanorobots made of gold transfect human cells and silence or encode their innate genetic sequences to reproduce the synthetic genetic sequence of the chimeric spike protein (lentivirus) indefinitely.

In simpler terms, these cells will replicate over and over again with the new genetic sequence of the chimeric pathogen injected into humans via a syringe. (Was funded and developed in Wuhan in collaboration with Anthony Fauci).

This in turn causes humans to generate a new electrochemical signal as enzymes are spatially rearranged to create a programmable enzymatic redox cascade pathway that alters the predictable generation of electrochemical signals in humans.
The newly created synthetic gene sequences are then shared between the transgenic hydras, the parasites, and the newly hybridized human.


And what does that mean for us humans?

Well, not only the vaccinated are genetically modified by this injection, but also their offspring. (Whereby the question remains open whether one can reproduce at all after the vaccination, since most people will probably be sterilized). This is because microinjection (vaccination by means of a syringe) of retrovirus transgenes integrates indiscriminately into the genome, resulting in mutations of the DNA by adding one or more base pairs. This is also why doctors have to remove crazy mutations on vaccinated people e.g. teenagers, blood clots with hydra-like tentacles.

“Every” vaccinated person is therefore a newly hybridized being after the vaccination process, but no longer remains a human being in the sense of the human DNA we know. He becomes a GMO (genetically modified organism). This naturally raises further questions …